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About US

Aberdeen Holdings is a privately-held diversified conglomerate headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Our operations span countless industries, impacting millions of lives. Our investments are steered towards building a sustainable and equitable future for all. We strive to invigorate local industries as we challenge conventions and set new standards to surpass.

Our key focus lies in bridging communities, spurring innovation, and ensuring equal opportunity, so that we can give back to the people at every level of our operations. We aim to revolutionise and transform business on a level never before achieved in Sri Lanka, with our influence reaching the furthest corners of the world.

At Aberdeen Holdings, open communication takes top priority. We zealously embrace forward-thinking and are future-focused in everything we do. In keeping with this, we exercise sustainability across the board, assuring everyone from our team to our customers that we are contributing towards building a better, healthier world overall.

Our team of experienced professionals are our greatest asset, helping us pioneer in and venture further into numerous fields, helping Sri Lankan industries expand and reach their fullest potential in a sustainable manner. Our leadership helms the company with their expertise from a multitude of sectors, making Aberdeen Holdings the giant it is today.

At Aberdeen Holdings, we think big, do better, and accomplish the greatest feats. This is where the future is defined.


Aberdeen Holdings is committed to sustainability and driving change. In line with this commitment, we strive to positively impact businesses and uplift communities across the world. As we invest in, develop and renew industries, we are also building a better future.


To be the driving force behind positive change across every industry.


Our culture is the result of decades of acceptance, inclusion, and integration. We believe that empowerment is a right—one that is applicable across all strata.