Aberdeen Holdings Unveils the Snehadhana Foundation

Aberdeen Holdings recently unveiled the Snehadhana Foundation, a new chapter in their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This dedicated arm of Aberdeen aims to foster significant, lasting change in community dynamics, addressing crucial societal challenges with a concentrated emphasis on yielding tangible benefits in the face of widespread hardships and the current national crisis. This initiative was officially inaugurated on March 8, 2024, with the establishment of the Snehadhana Community Kitchen, at 17th Lane, Colombo 03, symbolizing the beginning of its compassionate mission.

In a notable effort to alleviate hunger, the Snehadhana Community Kitchen now offers a nourishing dinner buffet to over 100 underprivileged individuals every working day. Looking ahead, the foundation has ambitious plans to broaden its humanitarian footprint. Plans include the inauguration of additional community kitchens, the rollout of disaster emergency food assistance programs, and the introduction of meal plans specifically designed for educational institutions, maternal health clinics, and medical centers. These initiatives reflect Aberdeen Holdings’ profound commitment to fostering community welfare through actions of generosity and inclusiveness, extending beyond the simple provision of meals to address broader social needs.

The foundation’s initiation was accentuated by the launch of its website intended to enhance public awareness. The website was unveiled by Mr. Shafik Kassim, Director of Aberdeen Holdings, alongside Mr. Sattar Kassim, Chairman, and Mr. Osman Kassim, Emeritus Chairman. This event marked a pivotal moment in the foundation’s quest to instill positive change in the lives of numerous individuals.

In 2023, Aberdeen Holdings solidified its status as a beacon of innovation and excellence, supported by its fourteen subsidiaries and a formidable team of over 1300 committed professionals. The company, renowned for its culture of excellence, continues to pave the way with unwavering integrity, dedication, and a visionary approach to engendering substantial improvements within the communities it engages with.

For additional details on the Snehadhana Foundation and its initiatives, please visit their website at [Snehadhana Foundation].