Air Seychelles Partners AirPark

AirPark has formed a strategic partnership with Air Seychelles, the national carrier of Seychelles, as the General Sales Agent (GSA) for Sri Lanka. As the GSA, AirPark will be responsible for promoting and selling Air Seychelles’ products in Sri Lanka. This includes offering flight tickets for passenger flights and cargo services through Fits Cargo.

This collaboration aims to strengthen connectivity between Sri Lanka and Seychelles, facilitating seamless travel and cargo transportation. Air Seychelles’ renowned reputation for quality service and extensive flight network makes it an ideal choice for travelers and businesses. AirPark’s appointment as the GSA for Air Seychelles signifies a significant milestone for both companies. It highlights the trust placed in AirPark’s sales capabilities and market expertise. This partnership is expected to boost tourism and trade opportunities between Sri Lanka and Seychelles, promoting economic growth and fostering closer ties between the two countries.

With AirPark’s dedicated efforts as the GSA, travelers and cargo clients in Sri Lanka can expect enhanced access to Air Seychelles’ services, ensuring a seamless travel experience and efficient cargo transportation to Seychelles. Overall, the partnership between AirPark and Air Seychelles sets the stage for increased collaboration and mutual benefits in the aviation industry, catering to the needs of passengers and cargo customers alike.