Ruhunu Farms Spearheads Beach Cleanup Initiative in Hambantota

In a commendable act of corporate social responsibility, Ruhunu Farms, a subsidiary of Aberdeen Holdings, took to the shores of Hambantota Beach on February 21st for a beach cleanup project.

The event saw enthusiastic participation from its employees, who dedicated their time and effort to clearing the beach of plastic, litter, and debris. Also, the initiative aimed at raising awareness about the importance of preserving natural surroundings. To further this cause, Ruhunu Farms installed a designated area for garbage disposal and an informative board to educate visitors about the significance of maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the beach.

This project aligns with Ruhunu Farm’s broader mission of fostering a greener and cleaner environment. The company has consistently demonstrated its dedication to environmental stewardship through various initiatives to reduce its ecological footprint and promote sustainability. It serves as a reminder of the crucial role that businesses can play in addressing environmental challenges and promoting a healthier planet for future generations.